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Afternoon Snack

Just having an afternoon snack. Made by Clayton J. Blair, Kristy K. Boone, Pallas, and Dennis Spielman.

Last Days

What is the story behind the photos? Made by Jeff Geurts, Katie Kochelek, and Dennis Spielman



It’s important to stay in-sync. Made by Katie M. Kochelek and Dennis Spielman

Fall Ritual

Don’t say “Pumpkin Spice” in the mirror three times. Made by Clayton J. Blair, Kristy K. Boone, Pallas, and Dennis Spielman

Mirror [1×02]

This episode of Quarter Minutes tells four stories, Dead Inside, Un-Synced, Internal Gossip, and Fall Ritual, that revolve around mirrors. Stay connected with the show with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Produced By: Dennis Spielman...

Summer title

Summer [1×01]

In the premiere episode of Quarter Minutes, Summer, tells four stories involving the summer season. Produced By: Dennis Spielman Stories By: Jessi Kyle, Katie M. Kochelek, Dennis Spielman Starring: Jessi Kyle, Katie M. Kochelek...

Behind the Scenes of Quarter Minutes' Summer episode

Behind the Scenes Update #1

Hello, this Univerise. The first episode, Summer, has reached the final cut status and is ready to premiere next month! Half of the Mirror episode and a quarter of the Polaroid episode have been...

Hello, World.

Welcome to Quarter Minutes. Quarter Minutes pierces through the multiverse to capture 15-second glimpses of strange and seemly normal oddities of multiple realities. Series premiere Tuesday, October 4th. Produced by Dennis Spielman. Teaser Trailer...